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Who we are?

Sham Professional COSMETICS was established in the Investment Authority in 2019 by a group of experts in the field of personal care products, watching a group build their brands in the Arab Republic of Egypt

The company organized a professional and experienced team in a short time and succeeded in bringing a breath of fresh air and a fresh look to the Egyptian cosmetics sector. With the visual structure always aiming for the best

Our vision

To be the first Syrian company in the field of cosmetics industry during the next session by providing quality products to the market Towards the environment

The company keeps reducing the negative impacts on the environment by making better use of natural resources and reducing the amount of harmful waste to the environment

Our responsibilities towards society and individuals

Sham Professional provides an opportunity for individuals who want to start making money from the first day through our own concept. Make money today and achieve your dreams tomorrow ..

Our motto is quality first and always

The birth of Sham Professional was a true inspiration, as it is true to its basic principle: Quality worthy of trust and a return to nature

Sham company always strives to provide high-level products to ensure the highest standards of excellence The company values innovation, commitment, honesty, attention.


Gum effects, creative men design

The all new sham fiber SPIDER Shiny Look Spider Web Effect Wax has the strength of a Gorilla and the durability of a Spider Web for your hairdo. With this new product you'll be helping keep strong and flexible, while creating the best hair styles that will last all day long, without any residues left. The new sham fiber SPIDER HAIR WAX reflects your attitude in your look

HOW TO USE: Apply product to your hands and start clapping. You will create a spider like web consistency that you apply to your hair. Comb and style hair to keep in place.

Has a great lime scent, we are sure you will love it!

  • Fiber sham (spider wax) has the strength of gorilla and spider web durability to style your hair. This is the new target, without helping the target to remain, leaving no residue. New SPIDER Sham Analysis Easy, fun and easy to distribute Controls even the most curly, thicker and weird hair Keeps hair in place great all day long Excellent quality
  • pider hair fiber cream The double spider web effect gives your hair a very cool look as well as strength and shine, as it nourishes and maintains the scalp because it contains An array of additional nutrient oils and conditioners for hair


Sham wax Styling Clay

Sham wax Styling Clay Wax is made using a carefully selected blend of ingredients that give you the strong hold your hair needs to let you make thick, textured, and modern hairstyles that maintain their look throughout the day.

It's designed to deliver an ultra-strong hold and low shine finish. It uses a unique and healthy blend of clay, waxes, and oils to bring you a natural look hair wax that you can safely use all day. Whether you have thick short hair or long wavy hair, you can count on matte styling clay to help you achieve the look you want. HOW TO USE: Rub wax between palms and work a small amount evenly through damp or dry hair and style as desired

  • Sham hair wax for hair is ideal for retro hair styles, sharp and blunt shapes to protect against environmental influences and damage, reshapes the unusual shapes, volume, and brightness of your hair, thanks to its special formula It does not leave any residue on the surface of the hair Easily removable from hair.
  • Sham hair wax this wax is characterized by strong fixation and contains nutrients and benefits to protect the hair and increase its length and give it a high density and it has a pungent smell
  • Orange sham hair wax It gives hair high volume, double volume and medium stabilizing power with a wonderful melon scent.

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Recommended by the most professional and highly qualified barbers

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